First Time Family S=Day


May 13


All of the day


Free Admission
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Monthly First Time Family Day

Choose A Time To Play & Enjoy A Scheduled Activity

Play sessions last the entire day & include many activities included with admission
On the second Monday of each month families who have never visited us receive free admission for up to 2 children with a reservation.
  • Up to 2 Free Admission. $10 per additional child
  • A reservation is required to receive free admission
  • Children at or over 9 months of age pay to play
  • Infants under 9 months and adults are free
  • Your cafe tab will reflect admission & snacks/drinks consumed during your visit
  • Your tab must be paid before departing
  • Present Coupons, Passes & Gift Cards upon arrival
  • Play Sessions last the entire day
  • You are welcome to leave and come back during regular business hours
  • The average amount of time families play is 2-3 hours
  • Outside food & drinks are not permitted
  • Supervising adults are responsible for food & drinks consumed by children in the cafe.
  • We welcome you to bring a water bottleĀ 
  • Children remove shoes & play in socks
  • Adults have the option of removing their shoes
  • The front desk keeps extra socks on hand
  • A signed waiver must be on file for each minor in the play cafe.
  • Complete your waiver before arriving HERE.
  • Waivers are kept on file for 12 months.

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