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How To Throw A Memorable Birthday Party At The Urban Chalkboard


Michelle Weber RN

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We are birthday party experts and provide one of Indy's most unique celebration spaces that is fun, enjoyable and memorable for the whole family!

Booking and planning a party with us is simple and stress-free.

Here are few quick tips from our events team to help you plan your party!

When & Where

plan ahead

Get the date & time that best works for you by planning ahead. We provide a clear calendar view for you to see what is available 6 months in advance.
Before booking it is good to have an idea of how many children and adults will attend. This info will help you choose whether a studio or private party will best suit your needs and provide the best experience for your guests.
get more info

you are invited

tell friends & family

Invitations should go out 3-4 weeks before your party. If you choose to mail your invites don't forget to give yourself time to address & send.
Your invite should include clear details about the start & end time of your party. It is also nice to share details about gifting & the theme so your guests can plan appropriately.
We will provide a link to our play waiver so your guests can complete this before arriving & get right to the party.

follow it up

call or message

A couple weeks before your party you should follow-up with your guests. Check to see your invitation was received & make adjustments to your guest list.
Around this time we will also check in with you to firm up your party details

the trimmings


Our space is already filled with lots of cheer but you are welcome to add a bit of your own. All of our events come with built-in preparation time that will not take away from your party. Your Play Coach will help you carry in and set up food, decor & favors.
We recommend keeping the number of helpers to a minimum & having another family member bring other children & the guest of honor at the scheduled party start time.

food & drinks

cake & more

The type of food you would like to serve at your party will help you determine if a studio or private party works best for you.
Booking a private party allows you to bring in your own food & drinks in addition to your desserts.
If a studio party is more your style you can bring your own dessert.
The Chalkboard Cafe is always open during parties so that your guests can enjoy fresh coffee, espresso & small bites.

finishing up

all good things

Like all good things they must come to an end. When your party is scheduled to wrap up our play coaches will help you gather your gifts & belongings.
Please leave all of the cleaning to us! Seriously!!!
We want to take care of cleaning our space and we want you to go spend time with your family lamenting about the memories you just created.
Go ahead, tell Aunt Carol we said to leave the mess behind!!!

We welcome you to take a look at our celebration options! CLICK HERE FOR INFO

If you have questions our events team is available via phone or email

call 317.815.5711 ext. 3

email party@theurbanchalkboard.com

Michelle Weber RN

Michelle Weber RN

Pediatric nurse Michelle Weber combines her real world experience as a mother with her clinical training as a nurse to provide parents with practical ways to explore play-based learning opportunities with their children.

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